MHT 2020 | 22 - 25 oct | Meridià Club Esportiu

Nomber of cycling bottles thrown away during the hottest stages in a grand tour


Tones of CO2, are generated by the vehicles during a big cycling event


Kg of plastic are accumulated during a gran tour.

Our actions


Sustainable MHT by Toyota

We learned as children to take charge of our actions and the importance of protecting the environment in which we live. We are passionate about playing sports in the sea and in the mountains, we believe that our steps have to be respectful with the environment, capable of returning to the earth what she has given us, and that oblige us to carefully reflect on all the actions that contribute in a positive way in the environment in which we live.

For all that reasons , we have a commitment in our RSC. Our challenges are:

  • Promote the respect to the environment from inside to outside. Keeping coherence between what we say and what we do
  • Contribute in a positive way with our environment
  • Change the point of view of sport practice and competiton
  • Inspire other sport organisations

We are committed to caring about the entire career management cycle. From the design, planning, implementation, review and subsequent activities.
We will detail the concrete actions that will be carried out both by the Organization and with the handbikers, through our dossier of good practices


Sustainable Mobility by Toyota

MHT by Toyota bets for a sustainable mobility. That’s why the race counts with Toyota hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) as the official car, offering the maximum efficiency in its functioning at the same time that protects the environment thanks to the low contaminant emissions that the technology offers.

Toyota counts with more than 20 years of experience in hybrid technology, since in 1998 they launch the Toyota Prius, the first hybrid car commercial production. The wide experience of the company has made it a leader of the Spanish hybrid market, contributing in this way to the mobility being more respectful with the nature. The wider hybrid range in the market with vehicles that can circulate from each 8 to 10 minutes as a zero emission car in city. Besides, the Toyota hybrid are recognized with the environment ECO label deliver by the Traffic General Direction.


MHT by Toyota Solidarity

MHT by Toyota is a non-profit event that aims to promote sports inclusion, sports promotion and disability, as examples of self-improvement, effort and self-confidence.

Behind every handbiker, there is a surprising story, but they all have one element in common: the passion for cycling. Sport gave them a way of escape at the time and today has become their philosophy of life.

From MHT by Toyota, we also want to support projects that promote the practice of sports to people with different abilities. The benefits of the race will be given to a nongovernmental organization that shares the same philosophy.


Race sponsors

Race partners